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I plan to remove my 6000k, 9006 low beam, 35w hids and replace with my old Sylvania Silver Stars. 9006s have been mounted up since 2009ish...? Driverside light (will be labeled) will sometimes not fire up on a real cold day, but all I do is turn my headlamp switch in either direction and back to auto and its good for entire day; Passenger light has been 100% since install. 6000k, 9005 high beam, 35 watters were never installed! Still minty in the black DDM box. Time to pass the "HID TORCH". Package deal, don't really want to split up.

I want some OEM tow hooks. Hardware included would be nice.

Email is king, I don't always get a 355Nation alert. [email protected]. I'm always busy, I'll get back to you asap.

Ask any of the 335Nation OGs about me.
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