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Dead Passenger side seatbelt/airbag light cluster

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So I was pulling my radio bezel out the other day to paint. However when I went to go reinstall it I noticed the seatbelt/airbag light cluster didn't come back on. So far I've taken a volt meter to the harness and verified power is being sent to the cluster, and tried replacing it with a another cluster. The local dealer wants 400 for a new one. Any thoughts?

its for an 07 colorado crew cab 3.7l without 4wd or TC.
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Check the connector, the pins might have pushed back and aren't connecting to the module properly. Those dash connectors are really crappy quality.
Not sure where the Dealer is getting the $400 price tag. I couldn't positively identify the part number for your application, but part number 25964779 (for KPH speedometers) fits your configuration (no 4wd or TC) and gmpartsdirect shows the MSRP (Dealer price) as $55.42. This link lists other units also.

I fixed it!...sort of.

I noticed the other day that my cruise control had stopped working as well. When I went to replace the burned out fuse the lights on the radio bezel came back on. So that's working now, but it raises a new question. This is my second time replacing this fuse. I know these truck can have all sorts of electrical problems so any idea where it might be shorting out?
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