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difference between LH8 and LH9?

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whats the difference between these two 5.3s?
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Thanks for all the LH9 info fellas!

This engine has me pumped to pick up a 2012 Colorado. Once the warranty runs out the L92 I have on a stand should be a straight forward swap!

Only questions is, 6L80E or T56 behind it!
Sure is, but personally I don't want it for ease of cam swaps down the road, otherwise you need a phase limiter and a bunch of tuning etc.
As I am sure you know, you can always delete the VVT come cam swap time.

A few years ago I got my hands on a few L92s. Most of the guys who bought them swapped in traditional cams (LS7 cams were used on a couple examples - 500 easy HP).

I still have the one I kept on a stand. I planned to swap it into my old Buick, but it looks pretty tempting to just drop it in place of a LH9 in a 2012 Colorado now...
Well guys not to insult anyones intelligence, but LS1Tech is the place to go for anything LSX based. Here is some reading material for y'all!

5.3L please help! - LS1TECH
I'm not sure I follow your point. The LS1tech thread is about an 08 LH8. I'm talking about swapping an L92 in place of a LH9.

LH9s are VVT and not AFM (or DOD), correct? I know my L92 has VVT and not AFM.
Well guys not to insult anyones intelligence, but LS1Tech is the place to go for anything LSX based. Here is some reading material for y'all!

5.3L please help! - LS1TECH
Thanks chief! I've been on LS1tech since 2006. Not a ton of Colorado specific info there. I thought that 355 info was the purpose of this forum.

I know I'm new here, but I am not new to LS engines.

I got that.

That was a 2 second search on there. If you go over there and do some research you should find the info you need.......I can't do it all for you.

All the info I needed for my swap and knowledge was attained there.

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No offense, but:

Well, gee wizz... thanks so much for performing a 2 second search and then providing me info irrelevant to my question...

When I asked the question, the intent was for someone (obviously not you) to answer if they knew the answer already.

There seems to be a large amount of Colorado/Canyon specific information here that is largely ignored on other forums.

You see, when you start any comment with words like: "not to insult anyones intelligence" or "no offense, but" you end up doing exactly that. You know you are about to be insulting, that is why you say it to begin with.

I realize you are a mod, and want to stay active here, but if you don't have anything valuable to add, maybe just don't post on tech specific questions you do not know the answer to.

I have read other similar comments on here by you. A good example is in the LS7 6L80E Colorado build:
Well that is the hawtness right there!

I will have to disagree on the boosting an LS7, they work well together with tuning!

LS7 + S/C = will be in the mid 700s for rwhp. But traction will be the issue here. Its going to need a new rear end and a 4 link w/ coilover set up to hook.
I can only assume you have built and tuned several supercharged LS7s in your day.

Maybe rather than posting 28,000 times just parroting info you read on the internets, you could focus on providing useful info on things you have first hand knowledge about. I searched your threads to make sure I wasn't going off half cocked here. You have contributed some good stuff.

So don't worry
Well we still love you in a no **** way :lol:

Sorry to waste a post of my own, and sidetrack a good thread.
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I wouldn't be doing it expecting it to pay off. Just looking at future options (built 4L60, upgraded to 65/70e, 4L80e, or 6L80e.
I'm with you on the 6 speed auto swap. They have a very high torque capacity stock (look at the HP new Corvettes and Camaros are making). So unless you go 1,000 hp turbo motor swap you should be a happy camper. This is a swap a few TBSS guys have done. I cannot remember the name of the company, but some google searching should find it. They specialize in these swaps. I contacted them prior to even ordering my 355. They think the swap is very doable in the colorado platform. But they did mention the TC issues. I'm surprised to hear the full size TC would be a problem...

It may not "pay for itself", but what mod does? It would be quicker, more fuel efficient and just plain cooler than a 4L80E swap.

This talk about going 4L80E makes me think of when people tried to talk people out of 700R4 swaps back in the day (or old school SBCs over LS swaps). I get tried and true is good. But at some point we need to move forward.
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