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Differences in 04-08 and 09+ spindles...

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I keep seeing that there are differences in the spindles, hence why lift kits won't work with newer models.

From what I have read, and honestly the only thing I have read, is that the ABS sensor is screw mounted on the new trucks, and that's the only change.

Reason I ask this is I am trying to figure out definitively whether my 5" CST lift could go on a new V8. If it's just the sensor, a mount could be fabbed up, right?

There any reason why I could take the stock spindle off the new truck and place it on my truck to set my truck back to stock height?

Need some actual answers here, not just speculations.

Perhaps if someone has a picture of their 09+ Z71 spindles to compare to a picture of 04-08 Z71 spindle, that would be awesome.

Or maybe someone just knows the answer. :lol:
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the abs sensor moved from the front of the spindle to the back. :shrug:

as far as i know there's nothing else that was changed
that is it?

Couldn't that be easily fabbed to work?

Off the top of my head I cannot think of the ABS sensor's mounting.

If that were the case, then I should be able to swap my complete lift over to a newer truck...
on my stock spindles right now i dont even think i have that bracket screwed into the spindle. i pulled them off when i did my fabtech lift. no fabbing invloved i would expect
hopefully someone can chime in here with a picture of their stock 09+ Z71 spindle... preferably on the truck without the wheel. :lol:

if it pans out, then my truck might be limited in it's time with me.
Bump... can anyone confirm this?
hopefully someone can chime in here with a picture of their stock 09+ Z71 spindle... preferably on the truck without the wheel. :lol:

if it pans out, then my truck might be limited in it's time with me.
I gotta rotate my wheels soon. Maybe this will give me a kick in the ass to do it. haha. If I do it tonight I'll snag pics or mine ('09 V8 Z71)
alright, here are some side by side shots of a 2010/11 Z71 (I5) and my CST spindles...

Not sure if there is a difference in the spindles between the I5 and V8, don't see why there would be though.

Joe, can you look and let me know if there is in fact a difference?

The ABS sensor looks like its routed differently, but nothing that can cause this not to fit. The most that it looks like it would need is a bit of grinding on either hub to get the sensor to clear the back of the hub.

Only thing I can see being a problem would be it being a plug in the section that goes through the spindle.

Kevin also raised the topic that we could just swap the hub and rotor combo between the trucks, but not sure if the larger diameter rotors would affect anything. Anyone think it would?
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Only diff I see is that the ABS sensor is part of the hub in yours, and the new one has the sensor screwed into the front of the spindle. But I ain't no mechanic, so I could be wrong.
From what I saw, the sensor wire passes through the hub, but doesn't screw in. The screw looks like its just a bracket that holds it in place.
the 09+ has the abs sensor held in with that 10mm bolt. on the 04-08 the sensors are pressed onto the hub. so the hub and the sensors are different. but if the connector is the same you should be able to swap over the whole assembly
even though it passes through like this, it's held on by that screw?

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If that is how it is for a fact.. I could swap the whole assemblies (if the connectors for the ABS fit) and just swap the caliper/rotors over onto my CST spindles...

Couldn't I....?
i would say swap the whole assembies, rotors and calipers. even if the abs sensors fit idk if they will read :shrug: just a heads up
Since your soooooooo impatient I went out in the storm before I ate after driving home from work (1h trip). :kiki2:

Looks like it bolts on...

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:kiki: well because you wanna get cocky, you didn't snap the shot I needed. :kiki2:

Though I do appreciate you doing it.

Now I am back to the ABS sensor itself. Looks like it's two pieces? One that sits on the hub and then the sensor that is bolted to the spindle?

Can't find any pictures of the entire setup online anywhere. Might go over to Dareks and just look at his.

but actually, thanks Joe. :thumbup:
Well it looks just like all the other pics in this thread so :shrug:

That and I wasn't about to crawl under the truck or yank the tire off in a T-Storm just for you. Mark maybe but you. PSHHH! :fugrin:

But he doesn;t have a Z71 4x4. Just sayin. :shrug:

Anytime Boyd. :high5:
on the 04-08 the sensors are pressed on the hub. there is a magnetic ring that sends the signal through the sensor. thats why there is such a small air gap. from looking at the 09+ they have the magnetic ring exposed. instead of the PITA old style sensors, they used a bolt through sensor that has the same air gap. just makes servicing the brakes easier
so then the issue would then be trying to mount the sensor to my spindle with the same gap... but that would be pretty tough to do.

And the other alternative is find out if the abs sensors will read between the two models. :ugh:

sorry for the multiple questions.. not quite as savvy on the sensors. :lol:

but an ABS sensor is an ABS sensor is an ABS sensor isn't it? Does the same exact thing, just has different mounting styles...

it would make sense that it would recognize it, the way it mounts shouldn't matter.

unless the computer software is different for ABS sensors... :shrug:
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