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Distinct04ZQ8 - #BODYBAGD Build

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Hey guys, as some of you know my truck has been cut up for a while now and in the hands of Cory Hussey (HHR Customs). I connected with Cory last summer at Northern Showdown up here north of the border and we started making a game plan to get my 04 CC bagged and bodied on 24's.

I'm sure most of you have seen Cory's truck around and admired it as much as me. Really didn't take me long to decide that he was the right man for the job. I made it clear that I was in no rush to get it done and made the trip out to his shop to drop the truck off in Oct. 2015. 1 year later, he has accomplished a lot working on my truck by himself between a full time job and being a family man! Of course, we have run into quite a few challenges (and no doubt still a few more to come) but this is part of the journey.

I do have a build thread over on the Canada site but clearly this is the place to be for everything / anything 355. I will start moving this thread along and get you guys up to speed on where we are at currently. As always, we welcome your input and thoughts on the build as we make a hard push over the next few months to get it show ready for 2017.

Rendering by Country Graphix. Check him out:
Rendering by Will Gib, on Flickr
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