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DRAGGIN: Garage Built, Daily Driven. (Indy's build thread)

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I realised that despite the large number of various threads I have here, I do not have a complete build thread. So, instead of just showing you some pictures of the finished product, I decided to compile a build thread. This is mostly for my benefit; I want a complete record of the transformation of my truck, but I hope that some of you enjoy reliving the build process with me as well.

I know I've left you hanging on some of my threads in the past, but I will see this one through to the end. Dont ask for pics of the finished truck, I'll get to that in due time.
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where you from in NC?

big panther fan myself (despite the record)
Statesville.. just up the road from you... I hate charlotte tho lol but yea imm a die hard fan just sucks to keep getting let down... and its all good tbarnhart i feel sorry for you being a Illinois fan and all :D
well good deal, I've seen your (now) truck in person a handful of times, pretty cool it'll be in NC now. I work in salisbury @ a chevy/cadillac store, so if you ever need something just yell
I've seen the taco a few times
what color?
oh yeah, that looks good
good stuff man
1 - 6 of 392 Posts
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