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DRAGGIN: Garage Built, Daily Driven. (Indy's build thread)

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I realised that despite the large number of various threads I have here, I do not have a complete build thread. So, instead of just showing you some pictures of the finished product, I decided to compile a build thread. This is mostly for my benefit; I want a complete record of the transformation of my truck, but I hope that some of you enjoy reliving the build process with me as well.

I know I've left you hanging on some of my threads in the past, but I will see this one through to the end. Dont ask for pics of the finished truck, I'll get to that in due time.
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Glad to see it's back around always love that truck

Indy how's the new car coming ?
Looking good , you going to try and bag it on the stock front end or mk2 ?,I'm going over to my dads Friday to drag my 53 to my new house I still will not be starting on it right away but I plan to lay it out on the stock front and 4 link the rear
Yes I do have a parts car I'll get pix of the metal for you Friday I have no issues with cutting that one up , I'm going to use the frame from it and that's it

Sounds like a good plan , I'm in the same boat I got almost everything I need to bag mine all I need is a tank sense I used the one I had in my truck
I have read of people getting low with a good bit of work but I think I only found one layed out on the hamb with the torque tube but I can't remember who it was I know I was searching bagging 49-54 chevy on hamb and found it
Nice, I need the tunnels and enough metal around them to mold them into my car. I don't care if it's rusted or dinged up, as long as there's enough metal left to work with.
I think there in ok shape just surface rust but I'll get pix Friday because I can't remember and we will go from there but I'll give you a good deal on them
Here are the pix of the 53 tail light area , let me know how far back you want me to cut off and my zip is 22551 so pm me an offer and we will go from there

I also have a full set of 2 door hardtop Belair trim if you want any trim
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Ok sounds good it will be here , I'm going away next weekend but plan to bring it to my house the weekend after
When I bring that car to my house soon ill check for you
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