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Drop spindles and frame sectioning

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So does anyone besides mmw making drop spindles? I'm bagging on 22 right now and am thinking about buying drop spindles and sectioning my frame 2.5-3 inches all thoughts are welcome :th_woot:
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they are the only ones that openly offer drop spindles
believe there are a couple of old members that had hookups and had some fabbed up but dont ever remember seeing anyone else offer 355 spindles
Max at bio kustoms has built a few sets, but be ready, the price might cause a bit of sticker shock.

If I remember correctly, he uses your stock spindle, and modifies it, to the cost of like $800-$1000.
That's depressing I just stared building my truck set it up for 24"s but now thinking about doing a 2.5" frame section and spindels would help a lot but $9xx for mmw or a $1000 for maxx's is steep
Yea. That's alot of money
Sucks these trucks didn't get the aftermarket push like the s10 and Fullsize.
Well to be honest I'm kinda glad they didn't get the same exact push as them helps our trucks stand out more. But a little one would have been nice lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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