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Drum colour

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Does any one know the original colour of the drums on a 2010 with aluminum rims?
I'm in the midst of sandblasting them for repainting? I assume they would be black or silver?
Also has anyone used POR-15 chassis coat on these and how did they hold up to the heat?
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The factory original replacement drums are bare cast iron and may have been painted satin black from the assembly plant. The POR-15 product is like a 2-part urethane bed liner and not suitable for high temperatures imo. I'd recommend using a high temp 2-part epoxy paint or brake caliper paint that's satin black in color.
thanks, I think a satin black would look the best as to not draw the looks away from the rims, BTW the POR-15 is a one part system, just have to thin when spraying, great stuff, I've used it on parts of my chassis, also works on rust. i will be using epoxy primer and then a satin black caliper paint, thanks.
High temp engine paint from either VHT or Duplicolor work great.

Both are rated for up to 550*

I just painted up a new set for mine today; I also prepped with the high temp primer too.
thanks, good info, I will be priming them first as well
No problem
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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