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Eagle Eye Projector Headlight for Colorado / Canyon

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Picked these up from a salvage yard to put on my truck but never got around to it. Tested all the wires and bulbs and all work properly.

These are a older design with a CFL with ballast for the ring around the head light, and only the low beam is a projector.

I polished the lenses and they look really good. No broken tabs or anything

100$ OBO shipped to lower 48 states


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I think Jessy is looking for these, hit him up @Jesse
Do you still have these? I have to ask what do you mean by older CFL ballasts?
i have seen some that use LEDs to make the ring. These are actually a circular compact florescent tube, and they have a ballast ( that's the black box in the pic). Either type is good, i was just noting that, as some of the newer versions look slightly different
CCFL halo (cold cathode tube like commercial lights)

LED ones use leds to light up the ring

I've had both and CCFL's are the best because they can be adjusted like the stock ones wiithout having to remove the grille, gLWS

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Will you do a package deal with those and the fog lights?
That burnt orange truck looks sexy
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