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Electrical issues

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Just recently I've had some electrical issues. Just the other day my truck started displaying a airbag light on my gauge cluster. After seeing that for a few days my turn signals and hazard lights stopped working. After that my hvac lighting has stopped working, my cigarette lighter stopped working, my dimmer switch doesn't work. I let the truck sit for a few days and went and started it up yesterday and it was fine, no issues what so ever. I went for a little drive and when I pulled back into my drive way the airbag light came back on and all the issues came back. Just to see what would happen I plugged in a code reader and there were no codes but all the issues went away. As soon as I unplugged the code reader the issues came right back. Please help. Thanks.
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when was the last time you looked at your grounds and/or when was the battery replaced?
Haven't checked grounds yet, I don't really know where to start with that and the battery is the original battery from when I bought it 8 months ago.
I went and got the battery tested and it's fine.
(1). Check the purchase date on your battery (should be stickered/stamped).
(2). If #1 reveals battery's 4+ years old = replace.
(3). Check your battery posts for tightness & corrosion. Clean & tighten, if needed.
(4). Check the other ground points (under hood & on frame) to ensure they're not loose/corroded.

Good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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