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Electrical problems after failed jumper cable hookup

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A coworker of mine has an 08 single cab auto 3.7 and hooked the cables up backwards while attempting a jump start. From what I understand he realized it before trying to start the vehicle and switched the cables. He now has a brand new battery but has some issues. He can connect the battery and start the truck and all seems to be fine for about 5 or 6 seconds then he loses his entire cluster, turn signals don't work, a/c blower doesn't work. The truck will run until he shuts it off. If he shuts the truck off it will not restart but the passlock icon stays on constant (no flashing). I believe his headlights stay on until he disconnects the battery but didn't stick around long enough to find out. I checked all fuses for him and made sure the terminals were clean and tight and had to leave. Is there a ground for the BCM or other that these systems share that could be burnt after the cable mishap? Any other ideas before I get a chance to look it over better?
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Oh damn...
This could get very messy.

Sorry, I know that isn't helpful, but just realize that this could take much time and money to resolve.

Electronic packages in general, such as the PCM or BCM can be designed to tolerate reverse power-supply voltage without damage.

If the truck does start and run then apparently the PCM wasn't fried.
That's a start.

Beyond that, any amount of damage can occur to the actual wiring, to connectors, and to sensors.
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