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Engine Change...2.9

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HI, the other forum sent me over here for some possible help, I have a 2009 Canyon 4X4 Extended cab I picked up for short money , it was a fleet truck and appears to have been well maintained. it has almost 300K miles on a 2.9L engine, can't clear the cam sensor codes most likely due to timing chains, after seeing what's involved in replacing the chains and tensioners, I have decided to put a new engine in instead. The cab and frame are in excellent condition , and after driving it around for the last year I kinda like this truck!, I realize this new engine is expensive and I could never recoup my money if I sell the truck BUT, I couldn't buy an 09 like this one with a new engine in it for 5 grand either, anyway I'm wondering before I start if anyone has removed and replaced one before and if there is anything that is abnormal with this ENG change or if there is any videos out there. I have yet to find one. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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I asked my cousin about it, he's a mechanic. He said that you shouldn't do it by yourself. Pay some money to an expert, and he will do it for you. That's what he said. Also he asked me to give you his phone number, lol.
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