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This is just some of the stuff I have, will be more to come later. Need to clear some space. I went with the E40 and LS2 intake so I won't be using this stuff.

Pictures on CL
GM LS parts Gen III camaro pedals

Gen III Front timing cover with bolts 20
Truck water pump 40
L33 cam, slight upgrade for those with truck engines 30 or 20 plus core (hollow cams make great table lamps)
Beehive springs from L33 799 heads 20
F-body pedals from an LS equipped car 75 or 100 with slave cylinder

Not pictured:
07 L33 DBW truck intake with tb, fuel rail, and injectors 75
07 L33 harness and blue/green ecu, battery charge module has been removed but not necessary for standalone operation. 150

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