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So i've had my truck out of storage for a little bit now, and when i'm driving i notice that it has a hard time deciding whether it want's to shift into OD or stay in 3rd gear and will up/down shift until i let off the throttle, also at WOT the trans will not shift until after the engine has hit the rev limiter or it will just hang at 6300 rpm until i let off, it also will randomly downshift at times.. I had this problem last year, but had my tune corrected by Gerry at AVT, I sent him my .hpt file, he corrected it and sent it back, i flashed it, all was good... but now i am having the same issues?!? I sold HPT so i have no way of getting logs or anything now.. WTF could be causing this?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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