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Exhaust extension

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I just got my roll pan on and painted so I wanted to have the exhaust come straight out under the pan. Any where I can get a chrome one and have my friend weld it to the existing exhaust? Ones I seen have like bolts to tighten it on the existing one or something.
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If it's welded, it's sure to rust.
Aahh crap ok.
Maybe I'll just do a stainless steel extension then straight out. Well that ja for tellin fing that before I found out the hard way
U can also go to a muffler shop and they can do whatever u want them to do
Stainless steel exhaust band clamps work great......don't rust, don't leak, don't crush pipe and ain't permanent.
Ya t-bone I think I'm going to go rob the exhaust shop.
Muffler shops almost always weld.
anyone have any pics of a roll pan with the single exhaust straight out the back?
ive found the dual exhaust with roll pan and ive found the side exit. im trying to decide if i like the side or straight out.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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