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Exhaust pop... Help

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So I just bought my Colorado (my second one now, my first one is the yellow one in my picture) this one is a 2010 3.7L 4x4. Whenever I rev the gas there is a poping noise coming out of the exhaust. It has all cats and muffler so I'm confused as to why it's doing this. Any help would be great.

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I think it's normal. Mine will pop when I for now reason just rev it. My V8 Ford also did it.

It has to do with a lean condition for that instant while the fuel is shut off (throttle position says to) and the rush of air is still occupying the exhaust (therefore all air/minimal fuel). There is more science involved than that, but you may get the idea.
Also, check for any areas of possible exhaust leaks...doesn't take much to cause pops. Assess your manifold and all the joints/clamps and look for cracks/soot. Otherwise, like 08Canyon indicates, it's normal for lean condition.
Ok, thanks for the advise guys

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And, as a fellow military service member (now retired), thanks for your service! :D
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