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Fender rolling....

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This doesn't apply to my Colorado, but I didn't know where else to go.... So on to my story...
So I have a Subaru impreza, that my little brother is working on for a college body shop class. A few years ago I lowered the car and put wheels on it. I had to run negative camber to keep my tires from getting all cut up. Earlier this year I put on a new set of tires, and in preparation for paint, I rolled the fenders. I was just remembering today if how much dirt I pulled out of the fender lips when they were an "L" shape, and now that they are "U" shaped I'm worried that they'll hold more dirt and in the future harbor rust. So if you're still reading this.... Would it be a good idea to have the fender wells sprayed with bed liner? Also sorry if this is in the wrong area. If the mods feel it necessary, pease feel free to move to the appropriate area. Any input would be sooo appreciated!
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I wouldn't do bedliner unless you are removing the fenders and can guarantee that your prep will be 100% perfect. If it's not perfect, it will rust faster the second a chip forms and water gets underneath it.

Eastwood makes a body panel "factory coating" for sheetmetal that is supposed to restore the rust resistance to stock for older cars. They also make some other badass rust killing products.

Start there.
Okay I'll check that out! Thanks Goros!!
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