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Looks like we're setting up our first meet of the year. I'm going to be hosting it at my office which has plenty of parking and also a garage since some people might be doing some mods during the meet (your welcome to request some help on a mod you've got planned as well). Hopefully we can get a nice turnout since this meet is further south then most of the other planned meets.

The date is looking to be around Jan 19th 2008, and the location will be greenacres, fl, 33467 (so you can check it on mapquest).

For food i'm offering up bbq'ing on site, or ordering pizza from one of the many local pizza resturaunts (not papa johns or pizza hut... :lol: ) or even going out since we've got a wide variety of places to eat around here as well.

My place is like 10 minutes from the beach and A1A so going for a nice cruise is an option as well. So yeah hit up the florida forums for more details and to RSVP... Thanks :naughty: :D :naughty:
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