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For show & tell I have a reg cab sub box that I built and airbrushed.

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I started thinking I was gonna paint it body color, silver birch metallic. Ended up halfassing the prep work for the paint so I ended up with imperfections that annoyed me. Friend of mine came up with an idea to hide them, digital camo. PITA airbrushing stencils. Got one pic rough build, one pic silver birch in place, one finished without speaker or amp, one with. Gonna be like my own little seat massager. All chevy metallic paints, and damn if I don't always have a pic turned sideways.


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Re: For show & tell I have a reg cab sub box that I built and airbrushed..

I need to know where you found the plans for that cause I can't find me any to fit my truck lol, having a regular cab is nice but it sucks finding some things for it lol
Re: For show & tell I have a reg cab sub box that I built and airbrushed..

No plans man...just put a tape measure back there came up with something. I bought a reg cab sub box that didn't have enough volume for my sub so I decided to build one and get some extra volume with the addition of the side box made to mount my amp to.
Well sir I'm jealous like no other lol, and what you've done with the paint looks good as well sir
I like it!

Nice work!

What seats have you installed also if you don't mind my asking?
Thanks fellas. They're 07 Grand Prix gxps
Dang... Those look like they should have been factory!

Lots of work to modify the brackets and keep the airbag sensors working?

Sorry for the thread-jack BTW....
Had to weld extensions on the brackets that the GP seat pan bolts to so that it can bolt to the lower Colorado seat framework(seat sliders). And you have to cut some of the sides off the sliders where the GP would hit. Drill new holes in the bottom of the seat pan...then put it all back took more work than I thought it was going to...but not terrible after you spend some time looking at the mounting points on each of the seats. I'm used to using an angle grinder and welder so that helped. There's a how to on the site.
Thanks for the input... I think I may have to add this to the ever growing list of future mods.

The more I get done, the more I find I want to do.

Once again... The sub box looks awesome. I'll quit jackin' your thread now. LOL
Thanks man and no prob. If you get around to swapping seats and have any questions post up in the how to or pm and myself or one of the other GP'rs will try to help.
Very nice work man; great design. I like the paint.
Preciate it blurred. Badass work there on blueprint.
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