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Front brake line fitting size

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Can someone tell me the size of the front fitting where our rubber lines go into at the frame? I need to have some longer ones made for more lift and can't find the fitting size anywhere.
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I know you are in Florida but these guys ship. They are in my area and I use to deal with them a lot when I was working. Brake Hose-stainless steel braided
So m10x1.0. Well give it a shot. Thanks.
M10 is correct, and they're inverted flare.

Autozone has hardline extensions and couplers in the back if that's what you're needing. I just did a pair of 6" extensions for my spindle swap.
You have part numbers? That'd work better than spending $150 on new lines.
Actually you're in luck...I hadn't tossed the packages yet lol:
Thanks man.
No problem! Glad I could help.
I have my moments :fugrin: lol
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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