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Fuel Economy and more ponies for the Colorado

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Just wondering what everyone thinks of this project im working on.
Its a Hydrogen fuel cell, Ive already installed it on a riding mower just to try it out and it seems to work pretty good. When you burn hydrogen it turns back to water, and hydrogen is 10 times more explosive than gasoline so that ='s more hp so you use less gas and more free hydrogen. I like free how about you?
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Check this link outYouTube - 60 MPG Escort Wagon kinda slow but very interesting
Well Dont superchargers take from an engine and produce more power same principal take a bit of energy from the engine and produce multiplied quatities in return as Hydrogen, I mean Hell just Build one its about 20 bucks and about 30 min to make, and I dont know about you but 30mpg and 190hp sounds a whole fucking lot better than 22mpg and 180hp which is what a 3.5l Inline five has to the wheels but thats just me, for twenty bucks sounds and can be pretty fucking good dont you think. since Im guessing 95% of you paid over $150 just for an intake!!!. and oh yeah I almost forgot to mention water is how much per gallon out of the tap? how about gass at the local cheap super gas center?
No I havent tried it myself, and I meant to write 190hp, but what im sayin is that if this hydrogen cell can raise your gas mileage and hp it may be worth while and sure as hell worth the 20 bucks to make it I mean yeah the environment is important, but who really thinks about that as much as you think about "son of a biootch gas went up again" or "shit wish I could get a little more power out of my truck" because this is what I think about. I mean hell I love my 355 but shit gas mileage and power just isnt there. so I think this would be a good way to increase both, if it work of course.
Ill try to get some pics of my own setup, but Im working on revised setup right now that uses stainless steel switch light covers you need three two positives and a negative in the center or visaversa but you have to get them about 1/16 to 1/16 apart from each other without them touching, then run a + and - wire into the container without making it possible for the hydrogen to escape it escapes and boom you dead I had one blow up and it was so loud the neighbors came out, but I was being stupid and being skeptical like some of you and tried to light the exhaust hose with a grill lighter and I still hear ringing in my ears. But you have to set it up correctly make sure you have a check valve, a bubbler and a sealed container, and just hook it up to your battery. I used a plastic sugar jar from walmart it was I think $6 then you pipe it in to your intake, your intake creates a vacume so you dont have to have much pressure, and the reason I used plastic container if something does go wrong plastic wont hold as much pressure thus smaller explosion. and just use a voltage regulator to adjust your Hydrogen output. But Like I said try it out. I was having a little fun filling up a 20oz water bottle and shooting it accross the street about 40ft.
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