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I know for a fact I was on empty, but when I started my truck it took me to above fuel and stayed there and I let the truck idle for about 15min and it would fluctuate between 1/2 and full for a few min but mostly stay near full...then drop and do the same between 1/2 and E....I just put 3gallons in it and it says I'm on E now....sending unit problems? Possibly just a stuck fuel float?

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Not sure if this relevant for the Colorado/Canyon or not...

OCTOBER 6, 2011

General Motors has said it will cover half the cost for repairing defective fuel gauges in 2005- through 2009- model-year Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Saab 9-7X sport-utility vehicles.

GM's agreement to pay half the repair costs puts an end to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's probe, opened earlier this year. NHSTA was checking into reports that the gauges showed there was more gas in the tank than there actually was.

The faulty fuel-level sensor affects 865,000 vehicles in the United States. GM notified dealers and vehicle owners of its decision in August, according to the NHTSA.

The agency launched the investigation after receiving 668 driver complaints about the inaccuracy of fuel-sensor readings. A stalled vehicle was reported in 58 of those instances, and the cause for 43 of those stalls was directly attributed to inaccurate fuel-level readings. One report said the vehicle stalled while exiting a highway and got hit from behind.

GM spokesman Alan Adler declined to say what the repairs would cost the automaker. He said the 50/50 policy would allow GM to "standardize the labor time necessary to perform the repair."
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