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I haven't added up all the $$$ and I probably won't do so.
Going "all in" on the front suspension rebuild + brakes, new Belltech front sway, cab mounts, and replacement of the leaf shackle bushing, along with new motor-mounts.... paid off big. Really big.

Feels in every way like a factory-fresh new vehicle, only with the QA1 coilovers, even better.

Front brakes are still just OE equivalent but all fresh with Hawk performance pads and new rotors.
Goodridge SS flex lines front and rear in combination with the rear discs and I don't regret not doing the '09 big-brake front conversion at all.

On the interstate and around town on the worst-in-class Milwaukee city streets I'm amazed how well that little truck handles and the increased ride-comfort.

It was necessary to grind off about 20% of the diameter on the sway bar along a 2-inch section on both sides to clear the QA1's, but otherwise it all went together as planned.

The guys at Hands-On Garage came through for me again, and I want to thank Nick and Ryan for your fine work and attention to detail.

Wish I could keep a beater on hand to drive everyday so I could keep my truck for the weekend drives.... Crazy, ain't it? I think more of that truck as my toy than as my all-over-the-nation daily driver.

Fortunately I won't continue to abuse her on these streets beyond Tuesday... and then I'll really enjoy my "new sport-touring truck" on the 14-hour drive home.
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