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FYI on 2007 Canyon glove box

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Well I've had this rattle and it appeared to be behind the glove box. So I pushed in on the sides of the box so I could fold it down to look behind it. Little did I know the actual hinge across the bottom is nothing more than a piece of plastic with screws on both sides to attach it. So the piece of plastic that is supposed to be the hinge cracked and broke. So now I'm out buying a new glove box or getting one from a junk yard. Why in hell would you have a straight piece of plastic with screws on both sides to be used as a hinge.
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I had similar rattler and thought it was in or behind the glove box and only did it at speeds above 40 MPH.
My glove box rattle turned out to be some loose screws that needed to be tightened.
See my response in the Thread you started over at C'Fans.
If your interior is tan hit me up I have a glovebox I bought for the handle and latch and it's yours for the cost of shipping if you need it.
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