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G80 diff fill plug is seized.

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Ive got a G80 with about 150000 miles on it. Wanted to change the rear diff oil but I cant get the plug out. Broke off a 3/8" extension in it. I plan to get an impact extension and trying a impact gun but im not sure im going to be able to get the broken off extension out of the plug.

What are my options? Are there cheap covers out their with fill plugs built into them? I cant find any. What about installing some kind of fill plug into my stock cover?
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Well I should have done some more research before posting. Autozone sells a drain plug kit for transmissions for about 15 bucks. Im just going to install one in my cover when I remove it.
You can install an aluminum rear diff cover with the drain & fill plugs but they cost around $120 to $200.

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If you can remove the broken tool piece from inside the plug I'd use a torch and heat up the area around the threads before trying to remove it again. Also don't use an impact wrench with this type tool, a long breaker bar with some heat applied would work much better imo.
Yeah last year on the rear end build for my S10 it was the same way.

PB Blaster and some torch action....came right out
There is a tool made to remove drain plugs. The ball and spring in extensions and ratchets makes them weak for this job.
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