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GeorgiaBoy's Build: "Scratch"

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So I finally decided to start a build thread to highlight my trucks progress through the years I've owned it now.... On to Pictars!

First Colorado owned for 2 years before I found the Nation.... 2005 Colorado 2.8L Automatic w/All manual interior. Bought her for $2000! It was an old rural mail truck so she had been rode hard and put away wet so to speak and had 150K on the clock... I had it 2 weeks and a girl ran a red light and t-boned me Good news however cuz her misfortune painted my entire truck for free :p

Added some BFG AT 30x9.50" tires to the stock steels

And thats it for this truck....

THEN....Traded my dad my single cab for this 2005 crew cab full power 2.8L Auto. I had been wanting another truck for quite awhile as the black truck had given me lots of problems. He got a good deal on it so we just swapped.

Got her Thanksgiving Day 2011

AND then I found the Nation and my bank account went to hell.... :lol:

To be continued tomorrow
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Re: My Unnamed Project *Updated 10/15*

Dats a gewd lewkin truck!
Re: GeorgiaBoy's Build Thread *Updated 2/3*

Gah I need one too. Nice score.
Re: GeorgiaBoy's Build Thread *Big update soon*

One thing I miss about my S-10 is that CL was parts galore! Now, the only thing people list for Colorados are spare tires and camper shells. Ugh.
Re: GeorgiaBoy's Build Thread *Big update soon*

Just got tuned tonight by Supermod
Quit hoggin him :lol: I think it was around 10:45 when we finally called it quits last night.

This thing ought to be a whole new animal with those tiny tires on it now.
Re: GeorgiaBoy's Build Thread *YOYO 2.0???*

You mean the one who always whores pictures of his truck, then when someone who isnt a fan chimes in, they are labeled as "h4t3rz"?
Re: GeorgiaBoy's Build Thread *YOYO 2.0???*

This thing is gonna look tits McSkiffins lowered with those flares.
Re: GeorgiaBoy's Build Thread *YOYO 2.0???*

I like @ivan29 's 3rd brake light. Don't tell him though, his head won't fit through the door.
Re: GeorgiaBoy's Build Thread *YOYO 2.0???*

Its all the same crap...
Re: GeorgiaBoy's Build Thread *One Confused Z85*

This thing is turning out great! I liked it before, but now its more my style.
Re: GeorgiaBoy's Build Thread *One Confused Z85*

Xtremes will look more better if you ask me. Should shave that tailgate while you're at it too :naughty:

I like the the first pic.
1 - 10 of 471 Posts
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