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Got a code.....P0446

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Well check engine light came on, and I need some help...from what I've read looks like an Evap solenoid...,,no clue where to look for it, or if that's even the problem. Can some one point me in the right direction....

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Yea you got one?
DTC P0446: Evaporative Emission Vent System performance. The ECM opens the purge valve with the vent valve open and checks to insure that the vacuum in the system does not go above a certain level. If it does, the code is set. It indicates a restriction in the vent system that is usually caused by a vent solenoid valve that is stuck closed. Read through this Thread. The DTC is different, but the results are the same.

This DTC shouldn't have any effect on the operation of your truck, except it could cause some difficulty with refueling.
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