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Just like the contest I had for the dyno of the Camaro, I'm offering up another contest. This time your guess could win you a gift certificate from our good buddy Dan @un4giv3n and his funky molding skills:

As you all know, I put in an order for my new 2015 Colorado LT but, we don't know when the delivery date is going to be. Since we ordered the laser blue, and the laser blue trucks are not yet in production, it can make this game a whirl of fun.

So here's the deal.

You have to guess when will the truck be delivered. So I will count the delivery date as to when the Colorado has arrived at the dealership, not when I go pick it up. Or if the dealer arranges for an at home delivery, then the date it shows up at the house. This will be clarified further along once the order process is in play.

Now the only bits of information I can tell you, is that the laser blue is supposed to go into production towards the end of January, and the dealer told us 4-6 months on delivery. So take that info for what it is and good luck.

The rules:
1) Closest guess WITHOUT passing the date wins:
EX: Delivery date is 4/17
Your guess is 4/18
Supermods guess is 4/12.
Supermod wins because you went past.

2) No chatter in this thread, only guesses. If you have questions, use the link I posted above and post it in the new truck thread or PM me.

3) As soon as I get information, I will post more up in this OP,

HOWEVER.... I will not post order numbers or status updates.

4) Dan (un4giv3n) is eligible to participate because even though he is donating the gift card, he's not getting any advantage over anyone else. IF he happens to win, I'll get him a $50 gift card for somewhere else of his choosing.


Prize will be a $50 gift card for some DK Molds.


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March 15th, 2015

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Matt, you need to set up a dated don't get double tapped
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