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H3 front suspension and brake swap is possible on a 355

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Hello i am new on the forum and will be doing a write up on everything you need to swap your front suspension and brake set up to the h3 setup. I did a lot of reading on here before attempting the swap, but based on my reading i am in the first to actually attempt this swap. Doing this swap gives you about 2.5in wider stance, bigger brakes and 4 piston calipers, more travel, and my favorite, non captive rotors lol. Also now after doing the swap my tires no longer rub, (I run 35s with no lift, and before doing the swap even after a lot of cutting, pre runner fenders, and BFH still rubbed quite a bit, especially with 2 inch spacers.) So here is a list of the H3 parts that are needed:
Upper control Arms
Lower control arms
Steering knuckle and hub bearing
inner and outer tie rods
cv axles (u may want to change the axle seals as well while everything is apart)
upper ball joint bolt
lower control arm hardware (i.e. shock bolt, frame bolt that goes behind the torsion bar, etc.)
pads and rotors
caliper hoses
sway bar and links and bushings (if you are still running one)


i attached all the pics i took during install and also the stance after

A few other things i had to do is cut the bump stop perch off the frame to clear the shocks , im not sure if this is because i went with fox shocks and they have a large shock body so if you go with a more stock shock u may not have to. i also had to change the connector on the h3 abs sensor (my abs light is on not sure if its because the computer cant read the different style sensor or because the sensor r bad being that i got my knuckles with the hub bearing and sensors from a junk yard, so im still working on the abs). I definitely recoment this upgrade, my truck handles and stops much better and i can turn all the way left and right. Also aesthetically, the h3 stuff looks much nicer. Hope this is helpful


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I know this is an old thread, but did you use h3 cv axles for the front swap?
It's also possible to use the CV axles for a 2nd-gen Colorado with the ZR2 package. They're stronger and seem to be cheaper/easier to find OEM ones.
Awesome thank you that's very good to know glad I haven't gotten my cv axles yet!
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