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Hey guys im looking into getting some halo headlights for my coloraydo. I like the spec-d black halo's. If anyone knows if these are good or not please let me know. Also share a pic of your halo's if you have them and who makes them as well.
Thanks Nick
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I've had my set for about a year now. The bulbs for the low and high beams that come in them suck so I would recomend getting better one. I got the mid grade Silvania H1 Bulbs. People will flash me because my lows are as bright as the highs used to be before getting the better bulbs.

Before I changed the color.

Made a How-To on how I made the bulbs.
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Spec-D & Spyder seem to be the top two's a coin flip, but got to watch the headlight adjustment features, quality and bulb options: 2006 Chevy Colorado Headlights at
I forgot to mention that the terminals don't have very good covering on the Spec-D headlight. I had both my low beams short out on the ground. Was an easy fix with new terminals and better coverings.
Lights look awesome ace
Thanks. Got plans to put some Halos in the markers. Got an extra set to pull apart and give it a try.
That would look sweet
Halos are nice and simple. I've had a few sets over the years. I'm actually grabbing some from a local member because they are cheap. You should also check into Retrofits, they look much cleaner and don't have that chinsey look to them. I'm going to do retrofits later on after things settle down with the new house and baby. Either way they look good!
So I took my grille off today to look at my lights to try to figure out what size rings I would need for my angel eyes but I didn't see any brand name or anything

They're from tiawan
And the part #'s I put in aren't the right product can anyone help me get the correct size
Most likely you will have to split the head light open to measure them.
That sux I'm not looking forward to that since it's kinda my daily

Thanks for the help Ace
Feel the same way. Bought an extra set of markers for an idea I had. Can break open the extra set and leave one on the truck. Headlights are to expensive to get two sets.
I have a set of spec d halos That are apart. I could get you the mesurment. If you could be more specific about what you need. Let me know @t-bone
I have a set of spec d halos That are apart. I could get you the mesurment. If you could be more specific about what you need. Let me know @t-bone
Did you use the oven method? Were they difficult to pull apart?
Yea I used the oven method. They were not super easy to get apart but not super hard either.
Hopefully the markers won't be to bad. Need to start that project soon. Have to many ideas and need to start getting them done.
Yea me too. I have a bunch of stuff. In the plans. For months now. Im just too lazy lol.
@Uncanny355 I just need the exact measurements of the halo rings

Also I just realized that the headlights have lights on the side going towards the grille what size bulb is that
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