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handbrake cable 4x4 vs 2wd?

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I clean up all my new rear diff from reg cab 4x4 and i swap it on my 2wd coilspring.

but the length of 4x4 reg cab cable come with the axle are a good 1.5-2in longer than mine are in my 2wd z85..

if its because 4x4 are bit lifted than 2wd? i check on 4x4reg cab and the routing look the same..

witch one need?
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any try or any use is handbrake loll
They list different part #'s for the z85 and the off road package on GM parts direct. So I'd say your right and need the z85 cables swaped over to the 4×4 rear.. Let us know how it ends up working out.
Tstm2 how did the ebrake cables pan out you got it done?
Project for my holiday week next week I swap the 4x4 axle and check what cable need. I buy 4x4 reg cab one because its 2in longer and the axle are 1.5in wider each side. I give some new on that swap!
yes but just for safe thing its fit perfect! straight where the 2wd coilspring bolt.

and the axle brake line fron z85 2wd fit on z71 like a glove. little bend for drive side but perfect to. when a unbolt the split in the middle one of the fiting on z71 broke.
So do tell the goal of your swap.. Did you need a new rear or was it an upgrade over the old one that was in it?:355
4x4 axles are wider or at least the z71s are by 4"

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So do tell the goal of your swap.. Did you need a new rear or was it an upgrade over the old one that was in it?:355
the goal was the swap for 3.73 or 4.10 to run bigger tire. but finding a 4.10 is hard..scrapyard around went around 850-100 for the whole axle from z71 expensive

I buy ring and pinion from GWAY here but the cost to install on my rearend was around 350 to 700 depending if I change all bearing including wheel one..

I found a whole axle from JEFF.D, he swap is original 3.73 for a 4.10, he sell me the 3.73 g80 with around 140 000km for 300$!!

so for me it look a better deal to swap this whole axle and take off my 3.42 g80 with 250 000km for parts if anything broke.

rear end 300$ plus new wheel seal, brake shoes and spring, new gear oil, new handbrake cable, new ubolt and 8h of my time with some beer cost less than 500$ for the swap!

the z85-z71 4x4 axle are 1.5in wider each side. so I buy a 1.5in G2 axle wheelspacer for the from
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