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2005 Colorado 3.5L Crew Cab Z71 4x4
82k miles on body
11k miles on Reman motor (3 yr/50k mile warranty still active)
Heated seats
Bed cover
Tow package

Replaced my 2002 A4 1.8T with basic tune, DV, turbo back exhaust. The car had sport (lowered) and cold weather (heated front and rear seats) package. Hit 28.1 mpg and drove over 40k miles in a year from WI to SC to ME. It just was a difficult car to maintain with my activities.

I sold her bc my love for the outdoors drove me nuts. I couldn't take the pup out on hikes or for a swim without towels, wipes and a car cover to keep the car clean. There was no way to put a dead deer in her after a hunt. Nor could I bring myself to buy a roof rack to carry my fishing kayak. It drove me nuts, literally.

Now I can do it all and I'm back to being relaxed and normal. Nothing kills an OCD person slower than going out and having fun but then cleaning the car til it's show room worthy. This truck will get the same attention but with less stress. I've averaged 21 mpg with 60city/40highway driving. Not bad. I use to drive a '99 S10 2.2L that got the same gas mileage but majorly under powered.

I plan on LineX the bed and catching up on maintanence ASAP. Later on, I'll buy the HP tuner (Dyno tune), CAI and Exhaust. That'll be it and I should be satisfied.

This is my 4th attempt to post since my phone is acting up. I'll post pictures on my next post.


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