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Buying my used 18 3.6 z71 in a couple days. Got some questions. Maybe you all could guide me in this forum.

Where is there internet to go for aftermarket parts? (website)
I'm looking for a tonneau cover.
I'm looking for longer then stock tow hooks. Are they available? Where?
Is it hard to install the 1 inch level kit? Chevrolet has a front. Is there a back that's also needed?
Are there any tunes available? Do they effect economy?

What average economy are you all getting with the v6?
How long on the first set of brakes?

Is there a website to get the full specs of the VIN and what it all came with?

Is there any storage in the truck? Where would the tools be if I needed to pull the spare off the truck?


Nice to meet you all. :)
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