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Help needed with diff spacers?

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Hey guys! I'm working on getting a set of spacers, and figured I would drop the bolts out of the front diff mounts, and wait for the spacers, and the new half shaft to come... or so I thought.

The Problem: I started loosening the bolts, and one appears to have a nut inside the boxed frame, with no apparent way in with a wrench. Is this the same on everyone elses, or did the welds brake off a nut welded to the frame?



***anyone response with a tech diagram would be most appreciated.***
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The nut should be welded inside the frame.
You have access to a welder?
Use the welder to make a few tack welds thru the frame around the hole. You may be able to stick the nut fast and the heat may break the bolt loose.
only way to do it right is going to be to cut holes in the frame and better weld the nuts in place. they must have tack welded them on a friday afternoon before a long weekend...that bad. i knew i couldnt be the only one.
Yeah I was thinking cut a hole with a hole saw/die grinder/sawzall, weld the nut fast, and then weld a patch over the hole.

Well they got a welder in there and a arc welder would be the easiest to get in there and hit a tack on it but I like mig welding cause it is easier to start the bead and can run a bead without running out of rod lol
The nuts may have been welded in place before the two halves of the frame were boxed together and welded.
The pitch is 2.0 and there are places online you can pick them up from. Here is one example: M14 METRIC HEX HEAD CAP SCREW 10.9, Each - Palmer Bolt & Supply Co.
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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