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help Open my door Asap

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On my passenger side back door the outside Door handle is broken but the inside handle use to work but then my uncle put the child lock on it n now we cant open it from the inside either. Is there any way i could possibly open it??
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remove the door panel ... 1 screw in the inside door handle and 2 in the actual handle of the door.

Replacing speakers is a good search if you need complete details.
I did that. Panel wont come off since the door wont open.
Ok then once its loose can you reach in and possibly pull/push the connection to the door handles?
Once those screws are out you should be able to slide the panel up, it might take some force but you should be able to do it. Worst thing that could happen is the plastic clips break. :shrug:
Since you can't remove the door panel with the door closed, you'll need call a locksmith to open the door. The door locking mechanism in these vehicles are bicycle style cables. There a no linkage rods, which basically eliminates in the door tools.

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Love it when you come up with these Rich, you should do a thread with them and a how to look them up. I can never find them when I need them and always look at your post to try and find one I need.
How is the outside door handle broken? Pics? Are you able to pull on the release cable?
I used a coat hanger for about 2 weeks at one point till I got one in and just pulled the metal tab so if I can do that with a coat hangar I presume that somebody could get ahold of one of the points to move....

Also is there a way or product to grease/lube said cables?
I noticed tge previous owner had cracked the door handle in the area that exposed the rod looking thing. I used a hanger n tried to pull at it but to what I thought was no success. Except a bit of a scratch on my outter window! After a hr n half of trying to lift a latch or whatever I reassembled it n began to test the power window. While I tested the window I heard a type of low "thunk" sound n bam the door opened!!?? I unlocked the child lock n tested it n tge inside handle opens the door fine. ( didnt have time to remove panel n try n fix outter handle yet) BUT NOW MY WINDOW ROLLS ONLY A 1/4 DOWN AND STOPS!!! LOL so I figure mayb it got stuck or what not. THANKS FOR THE DIAGRAMS IT WILL HELP SOO MUCH wen i work on it again:th_woot:. Thanks everyone
I will post a pic of what the handle looks like as well
Glad you got it worked out, let us know what parts broke. I have some extra buckets and pulls if you need any.
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