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I noticed tge previous owner had cracked the door handle in the area that exposed the rod looking thing. I used a hanger n tried to pull at it but to what I thought was no success. Except a bit of a scratch on my outter window! After a hr n half of trying to lift a latch or whatever I reassembled it n began to test the power window. While I tested the window I heard a type of low "thunk" sound n bam the door opened!!?? I unlocked the child lock n tested it n tge inside handle opens the door fine. ( didnt have time to remove panel n try n fix outter handle yet) BUT NOW MY WINDOW ROLLS ONLY A 1/4 DOWN AND STOPS!!! LOL so I figure mayb it got stuck or what not. THANKS FOR THE DIAGRAMS IT WILL HELP SOO MUCH wen i work on it again:th_woot:. Thanks everyone
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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