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HELP! Radio causing a lot of problems.

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Recently my radio has been causing my truck a lot of problems, such as all my gauges zeroing out( as if I turned it off) while I'm driving, passlock light comes on and dash keeps turning off and on and the little display keeps reading all the fault codes. Anyone heard of this? Thanks
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My truck did sit for 4 months ( engine swap). I will look into a new battery to see if it helps.
What leads you to believe it is the radio?

For your battery, take it to a parts store and ask to have it load tested. Not just tested, load tested.
The reason is because when my dash goes out, for some reason, when I jiggle my radio everything comes back one. It only does it when a radio is connected. I am currently driving with no radio so I doesn't do it anymore
Mine did the same thing when battery was dying
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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