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HELP W/ Standard Cab 4x4 Lifted

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Hey guys. Ive been searching for pics of single cab 4x4 with 2.5 torsion bar lift and 33's and I cant seem to find any? If any of you guys have pics It would be appreciated. I am torn between 31's with stock lift or torsion key and 33's.

Thanks DUDES!!!!!
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U won't fit 33s with just tb crank and shackles. You will have to do tb crank with body lift (like me im a reg cab 4x4) or just go with a sub frame lift.
...and depending on what gears you are running will make a difference too. I have 3.73s and its kinda a dog trying to maintain speed on the highway. With 4.10s u might be ok.
I know Ill have to reprogram ECM and possibly re gear it. Thats money Id rather not have to spend if 33's will bogg it down that much. It runs like a CHAMP with the 30x9.50's right now, just looking for a bit bigger and wider.

I have 33" mud terrains and they r Load range e. So they r pretty heavy. If u go with a 31 or 32 in load range d u might be ok.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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