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Holden Colorado

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Wanted to start a build thread to document my progress on this thing. It's a 2008 model 2wd V6 manual. Picked it up cheap, needed new tyres, battery, timing chain, clutch, rear main seal and just major service which is all done. Did a 2000km (1250mile) trip recently and apart from using a bit of oil it was fine. Forgot to mention it has 200,000kms (125,000 miles) so the engine is a bit tired...

Immediate plans are a simple air suspension system and smooth out the body
Future plans are LS swap and completely redo the interior
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It's a 2008 model 2wd V6
So, what kind of V6 does Holden put in their Colorados?
Is it like the GM 4.3L V6?

Did they also have a 5.3L V8 option?

I hear the Aussies are pretty wild down there, so what there a 6.2L V8 option?
Forgot to mention it has 200,000kms (125,000 miles) so the engine is a bit tired...
125k miles is nothing.

I normally get at least 250k out of my engines, but then again I like to tinker with my vehicles and keep them in good shape.
I also have an S-10 that's fixing to go to a new home, and it has a little over 201,000 miles on it and it still runs great.

I put new AC Delco Iridium sparkin irons in recently and the ones that came out were perfectly dry after having been in for about 80k

Wish you lots of good times in your new ride!

The 3.6L V6 should be a good engine. I don't recall hearing that they are problematic.

Maybe it would help to run Amsoil in it 😎
So, do you guys have like kangaroos that jump out in front of cars sometimes as they are driving down the highway?

Here in the southern part of the US, we have cows that do that sometimes and it can total a vehicle depending of course on how big the cow or bull is.

I always heard in Austrailia they had a lot of jumpy kangaroos

Great idea on the gas tank. You should be able to get a pretty big tank, or at least larger than stock!
Man, my dream would be to put in like a 40 gallon tank!
That way I wouldn't have to stop fo petro as often on road trips.

kangaroos make me jumpy :p

I guess you can't shoot them to thin out the herd?
Are they protected by the gubment?
Yep, keeping it cool looking is always better than not having to stop for gas so often.

Looks like it's going to be pretty low to the ground.
Hope all things flow easily for you on the build.

May all your parts shopping be good deals! 👣
It looks different that axles on trucks sold in the US

At least it looks different that what my Colorado has
1 - 7 of 28 Posts
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