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How the hell do you remove the wires for the hazard button?

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so I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to take the connector of the back of the Hazard button and the connector off the back of the traction control button? any ideas? i'm about ready to start cutting wires, I have managed to get (or break off) the little white tabs with the ears on each side and still nothing will come out?
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the connector on the back of the hazards just pulls off with a little force unless mine is broken thats how it comes off. and i don't have traction control so can't help you there.
OK, I answered my own question, the connections have the "normal" type of clip and ear as most connectors, however they are on top of the switch, you have to rotate the flasher switch 180 degrees to see it. which isnt easy as it doesnt really want to rotate, I grabbed it with a pair of pliers and it rotated. easy after that.
lol i guess the previous owner broke the clips off mine then. glad you figured it out
yeah i always just remove everything else and then flip the whole thing and pop the clip
A short screwdriver is helpful. You can reach up to the clip and rotate the blade of the screwdriver to unlatch it.

Each time I have removed the bezel I've knocked the vents loose too. Make sure you clip them in properly before you reinstall bezel. You have to hook the bottom and rotate upwards so the tabs engage. I think from bottom to top. It will make sense when you look at it.
Yep, TC and Hazard clips are under the wires on the bottom.

Traction Control


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Don't beat yourself up too bad...I spent 15 min trying to get the same harness disconnected a few weeks ago. It's definitely a beotch.
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