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A 355nation How To presented by

Project Name
OE LED Cargo Box Lights (OEM GM part number 23199878)

Project Description
How to install the OE Cargo Box lights that work off the cargo light switch in the cab

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Colorado
Year: 2016
Engine: V6
Power windows: Yes
Sun Roof: No

Tools Needed
7mm wrench, posidrive screw driver, side cutters

Project Time
1 hour or less

Project Cost
$205 plus tax in Canada
$150 USD

  1. First locate the square holes in the box of your truck. They will be located toward the rear under the bed rails.

  2. From your box of goodies, find the square inserts for these holes. There will be 4 grey inserts and you can just simply push them in.

  3. At this point, you could install the passenger side light with the connector for the harness facing to the rear of the truck. Both lights are the same, so you don't have to worry about which one to use. GM did this as a cost saving measure, I'm sure.

  4. Now you can use your posidrive screw driver to remove the tail lights. A posidrive screw driver looks like a philips, but fits the screws in GM vehicles better than a philips. You stand a chance of rounding the screw if you use a philips. This picture shows you how to tell if it is a posidrive screw. Notice the markings between the areas the screw driver fits in. A philips screw doesn't have these markings.

  5. Now if you lay under the left rear corner of your truck and look up, you will find a connector with 2 wires going nowhere hanging out of it. Unplug this from the harness and you have the connector for your box lights. If you like, you can plug in your harness now, or wait until you're done. Keep in mind there are grey push clips near the ends of 2 out of 3 connectors. These will go into the box of the truck. Plug the 3rd one in here.

  6. You can run the harness over to the passenger side of the truck now too. Obviously the shorter wire will stay on the driver side. When you run the wire to the passenger side, be sure to run it over the rear frame rails as well as over the trailer hitch if you have one. It doesn't have to look pretty. You will be using zip ties for tying things up.

  7. Back up top, if you look at your box, behind the mounting points for the lights, you can see an area that is open to the inside of the box. (I hope that makes sense.) What I did was run a piece of wire with an alligator clip on it to grab hold of the new harness and pull it through those holes. I rested the ends of the harness in the recess the tail lights sit in. This is why the tail lights are out. It is way easier to reach in through the openings to attach the harness for pulling through the holes. If you want and feel it will be easier, you can skip removing the tail lights and run a wire to the harness under the truck.

  8. Once the harness is pulled through on the driver side, can push the grey push clip into the round hold near the access hole you pulled the harness through. You can install the light on the driver side keeping in mind the connector on the light faces the back of the cab. Make sure the harness is behind the light when you install the screws to hold the light in. When it is tight, plug in the connector. It will bend around to fit into the light, then push the grey lock in to retain the harness into the light.

  9. Following these steps, you can run the harness to the passenger side and plug it in. Again, be sure the harness is above the trailer hitch. Especially if you plan on off roading at all. Don't forget to put the push clip into the round hold near the access hole for the harness. You will see it. You can't miss these holes.

  10. Back underneath the driver rear of the truck, look up where you found the connector for the new harness. If it is not retained there already, there is a spot for retaining the connector and new harness. Under the driver rear corner of the truck, look at the inside panel on the driver rear corner of the truck. This is hard to explain, but you are looking at the inner skin on the rear of the truck. You will see a larger harness that is retained in this panel. Above that is a rectangular hole you can push the odd looking clip on the harness you have tied into. It takes some oomph, but you can push it in there and it retains it beautifully.

  11. Use the zip ties to prevent the new harness from flopping around. There are harnesses under the truck in this area to connect to if you so choose.

  12. Go into the box of the truck and turn on your cargo lights. The box lights will be on with the cargo light on the cab of the truck. Now give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your favorite beverage!


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Nice job !!!
Will haft to look these up .

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Nice article I took a look at my new Denali and happily found the lights installed, with my Extang Solid Fold cover they light up the bed nicely.
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