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A 355nation How To presented by

Project Name
How-To Cover Your Visors With Suede

Project Description
Suede visors

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Colorado
Year: 2007
Engine: 3.7L
Power windows: Yes
Sun Roof: Yes

Tools Needed
Suede (1/2 yard will do both visors)
Razor knife
Sand paper
Spray Adhesive
Gorilla glue

Project Time
1-3 hour or less

Project Cost

Start with the razor blade and cut along the outside seam. You will have to remove the mirror on the passenger visor before you can pull the fabric off. The mirror just simply clips in. I saved the 2 old pieces to use as a stencil for cutting the suede.
As for the hinge, leave it in the visor. When you get it apart it will come out.

Now pry the 2 sides apart. Be careful not to break the clips inside so be gentle and work your way around the visor.
When you have them apart, scuff them with sand paper (I used 180 grit). This will give the adhesive something to grab to.
Next I sprayed the adhesive on the plastic and let it cure in the sun.
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Now cut out your pieces. I try not leave more then a half inch around the sides. This will help keep the wrinkles to a minimum and make it easier to work with.
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IMPORTANT!!!! Start gluing here FIRST!
If you don't start here you will not be able to get the suede to stretch and hold this contour.
Spray some adhesive in this little section and on the fabric then let it get really tacky.
Now press and hold the fabric in place for a minuet or so till it has bonded.

Now glue the rest of the fabric to the plastic.
Fold over the edges and put small slits were needed.
Spray adhesive on the back edge of the visor and edges of the fabric. Small triangles will need to be cut out on the inside curves to prevent over lapping along the edges.
Rectangle Metal Window Architecture

Make sure there perfect because once glued there is no goin back.
Time for the Gorilla glue. Run a small bead along the raised lines on the back of both sides of the visor. Be sure not to use too much because the Gorilla glue expands 3-4 times. Press the 2 sides together good and quickly put weight on it. Clamp the end that curves toward the window in the truck. Let sit for 24 hours. I used an 18 gallon plastic container with books in it for weight and 2 small C-clamps for the ends.

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Re: How-To: Cover Your Visors With Suede

great write up!!!

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Re: How-To: Cover Your Visors With Suede

nice write up. im gonna be doing this really soon. my visors look like crap with my suede headliner

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Yeah they are pretty easy to get apart. Once you cut the edge around the old material where they are glued together. They have a some clips ( you will see what I am talking about once you get the material off ) that you can depress and they pop apart. Be careful with the pass side and the mirror.

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yeah it was pretty easy RC, like moody said, careful with the mirror...
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