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A 355nation How To presented by

Project Name
How-to get rid of the squeak in the blower motor

Project Description
Getting rid of the squeak in the blower motor

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Colorado
Year: 2008
Engine: 3.5L
Power windows: yes
Sun Roof: No

Tools Needed
Philips and Flat head screw driver
Socket set
Some type of grease, I used di-electric or you can use 3-in-1 Oil sparingly.

Project Time
1 hour or two

Project Cost
I spent 4 bucks on the grease

  1. First locate the blower motor, its right up under the glove box. Then remove the three bolts from the fan mount. Not the Philips head
    screws, there are three of the bolts.

  2. Then unplug the two cables that run the fan.

  3. Now remove the two Philips head screws and take off the plastic fan mount.

  4. That will reveal the plastic motor cover. There are two more screws to remove and three tabs that hold it down, use the flat head to pry
    them apart and remove this cap too.

  5. This is what you will see, this is the top to the motor itself. Remove the two nuts from the metal cap to access the guts of the motor.

  6. Now take out the bushings and the bushing mounts,


  7. Now, to get to the motor shaft that holds the fan on, grab the fan and pull it off the shaft. Your going to have to pull pretty hard the get
    the fan blades to come off the motor shaft.

  8. This is the part of the motor shaft that the fan goes on. The blades just slide right onto the part. Now grease the hell out of both ends of
    the shaft where they rub on metal.

  9. After you have greased the motor shaft at both ends, where they sit in the holes, put it all back together in the reverse order.
    Just go slow and make sure everything is back in the way it came out. Plug it all back in and listen to the silence!!!!

    Have any issues or more questions let me know and ill get you the answers.

The LED Dude
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something you might want to add, the bolts on the blower motor are 5.5mm, its a little bit of a challenge to find one
Excellent job and effort! Many thanks....Also good comment regarding the bolt size, as 5.5mm is not to common.

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alright, pix are back up. give me a shout if you run into issues or if the pics disappear again. update on since ive done it, no squeaking since its gone back in!!!! just about a year now so it really does work.
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