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The community here at urges you to please use caution and seek professional assistance when performing modifications to your vehicle. Before attempting any modification it is advised that you refer to your Colorado or Canyon service manual or contact a certified mechanic as not all GMT355 trucks are the same. The staff and the associated members are in no way responsible for any damages, injuries or other harm inflicted to your vehicle or yourself which may result in attempting these modifications. The posts and content presented on this site reflect in no way the views of or it’s ownership.

A 355nation How To presented by

Project Name
Installation of the GM Performance Air Induction Kit

Project Description
Guide on Install or GM Performance Upgrade

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Colorado
Year: 2015
Engine: V-6 LFX
Power windows: Yes
Sun Roof: No

Tools Needed
1/4" Drive Ratchet
8mm & 10mm Sockets
T-15,T-20 Torx Bits and H-3 Bit With Bit Driver
Masking Tape.... ( Optional )

Project Time
1 Hour or Less

Project Cost
My cost on Parts Shipped Was $ 428.29 ( Depends Where You Buy Them... )


Upgrade the look and performance of your truck with the Performance Air Intake. Entire airbox is hand constructed aluminum and powder coated for durability. This intake looks great under the hood and is available for V6 applications and reduces air intake restriction by 20% at peak airflow (240 grams per second). It is insulated to keep it isolated from engine compartment heat and works with factory engine cover and PCV. This system has been rigorously tested to GM standards for durability, corrosion, and performance.

  1. Start by removing the wiring clip for the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor... Pull the red clip up on the plug to release the plug from the MAF sensor...

  2. Using a Torx T-20 bit remove MAF sensor and keep it safe and do not let it touch anything !!!
  3. Loosen the inlet tube clamp using a 8mm socket ... Just enough to remove inlet tube..

  4. Remove OEM air box lid by removing (4) screws using large Philips or straight screwdriver...

  5. Remove the (2) lower base nuts on the bottom air assembly using a 10mm socket .

  6. remove grommets from OEM part and place in the Performance upgrade unit.

  7. Install new Performance part in same location taking care to utilize the bottom grommet in the

  8. Insert new inlet tube taking care to place notch at top for proper MAF location as well as inlet tube .

  9. Attach the rubber flex tube to the inlet box tube and tighten.
  10. Reinstall MAF sensor and tighten gently with torx T-15 Bit .

  11. Install bottom nuts to fender studs and torque to (9) ft. lb.

  12. Reattach MAF plug and push lock slide back into position.
  13. Start truck and check for any vacuum leaks or loose parts ....
Enjoy your new GM go faster part !!!:salute:


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Thanks @rshadd
Easy upgrade to the 700's !!!

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Great write up and thanks for making it look so easy!

Clean install!!
Being a GM Performance part fitment and aesthetics are top notch !!!
You also get to keep the engine cover installed !!!
Thanks alot @Supermodulation !!!
Means alot coming from a "Mod Master" such as yourself !!!
Been after that "Wrench award for awhile now !!! LOL
Wish I would have done the modifying it took to put the GM Performance Exhaust on a Ext. Cab truck that is for the crew cab only... I think... LOL :355group:

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Just wanted to give an update on the upgrade...
After driving the truck for a month or so it seemed to"tune" in to the intake and exhaust and made a real seat of the pants feel difference in the truck !!!
MPG seems to be the same ... Maybe a little less @ 25/27
Very nice upgrades for the "700's" !!!
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