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How to ID 2007 engine??

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We need to do an engine swap in my son's '04 Colorado..head valve seat problem. I have been told the '07 engine is the way to go as it's an easy/almost direct "plug n play" swap.

How can I identify the engine from an '07 if it's out of the truck.? Where is the number stamped and what designates an '07 year??

If you have one for sale, let me know.


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Casting numbers may help. I used to work in a machine shop and we could identify them right on the money.
Thanks for the link, Freeballin...
Check out Banditz thread on his swap, helped me out a lot when I did mine. I'll bump it if I find it for you.
Quickest way I know is the square style coil packs and the intake side cam reluctor present. If it doesn't have both then it's not an 07. 07 they changed coil pack design but maintained the intake cam sensor. 08 they did not have an intake cam sensor. Don't do an 08+ swap. Knowing what I know now it's pretty straight forward with a couple more steps but it can be done. I just wouldn't recommend it
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