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How To: Install Belltech Coilovers

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Project Name
How To: Install Belltech Coilover Shocks

Project Description
Aftermarket Replacement of stock Strut/Spring Combo

You can see my review of these shocks here >>

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Colorado
Year: 2005
Engine: 2.8L
Power windows: No
Sun Roof: No

Tool Needed
Spring Compressor
Metric Sockets 15,17 to name a couple
Jack Stands

Air Compressor and Impact (Not completely necessary but would be helpful)
Vice Grips or 1/4" socket (for sway bar endlinks)

Project Time
1.5 hours to 3 hours

Project Cost

Any number in Red will mean to refer to the diagram above.

Step 1. Remove the top three nuts (6) on the top of the strut tower. (accessible from the engine bay).

Step 2. Then you must remove bottom shock bolt that is in lower a arm (20) with socket and wrench.

Step 3. Remove top sway bar end link (30). You will need a 1/4" wrench or socket to hold it still while you unscrew the 15mm nut loose. Or remove with 15 mm socket and a impact.

Step 4. Now the shock is free but will not come out until you remove lower ball joint nut (28) and swing the lower a arm down to free the stock strut/spring combo.

Step 5. You will now have to build the Belltech Coilovers as units from some of the parts of the strut/coil shock assembly. You will need to use the spring compressor to take the stock assembly apart. The spring is under tremendous pressure and could make you ugly by busting teeth breaking noses and blackening your eyes.

Spring compressor

Step 6. Once you have compressed the spring you can remove the strut/coil assembly center nut (8). You will need to use a alan wrench and a wrench to remove this nut. When you take your stock one apart pay attention because that is how it goes on to the belltech shocks with the exception on (14) as it won't be used but in its place the belltech piece will be.

See this Diagram for Belltech Coilover Assembly

Step 6. You can now install the Belltech Coilover the same way the stock assembly came out. Install the three nuts (6) into the shock tower first to hold Coilover in place while you install the rest.

Now reverse all steps and double check you have tightened all nuts.
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so reuse parts 8-13. everything else is belltech?
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