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A 355nation (CCP) presented by

Project Name
How-to Install New Carpet

Project Description
Upgrading from vinyl flooring to carpet

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: Chevrolet/
Model: Colorado Z85 Ext Cab
Year: 2006
Engine: 2.8L
Power windows: No
Sun Roof: No

Tool Needed
Utility Knife
Ratchet and Sockets

Project Time

Project Cost

The first step is to remove the seats, kick panels, sill covers and rear panels. I do not have a pic of the seat removal, but if you can't figure out how to remove the four bolts on each and unplug the electrical connectors, you probably shouldn't be undertaking this project.:)

Here is your starting point:

While I was removing all of that stuff, I laid out the new carpet in the bed in the sun, so it would warm up a bit and it would be easier to work some of the wrinkles out. This is a pre-molded carpet, but it still needed a little adjustment:

The next step is to remove the shifter assembly:

Now, the most annoying part of removing the old vinyl (or carpet): These little plugs are a pain. I pried them up a little with a flat head and the used a small pair of pliers to twist and pull them out the rest of the way:

Next, I laid out the new carpet and put the old on top to mark the areas that would need some trimming. I used a very sharp steak knife to do the trimming. (I know it sounds like an improper tool, but trust me, it is invaluable in tight areas and because of its serrated edge.)

Now, lay the carpet into the cab and mold it into all of the little dips and bends. DO NOT RUSH this part. Take the time to smooth everything out so you won't have wrinkles or loose areas.

Now, you will most likely need to do a little corrective cutting at the mounting points, as they may not all line up properly. I put the shifter assembly back on first, then the small piece under the dash board.

Next, I installed the seats. Notice that I have left a lot of carpet hanging out of the sides of the cab. I did this on purpose. You will trim the edges last.

Now, with both seats installed (or all seat in crewcabs) carefully trim the extra carpet on the edges and install all of your trim pieces.

The final result:


Looks a hell of a lot better than before!

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Re: How-To: Install New Carpet

lookin really good, an investment in your truck if you plan to keep it a while is to scrub and prep the floor for a few coats of paint or bedliner material. It will really help prevent rust.

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WOW!! i just replaced my vinyl..last weekend..with this same exact carpet..from ACC..and i had to wing wish i would have seen this sooner. but..we put my carpet on top of the act as a sound dampener..was this a smart move?

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Mine turned out quite horrid. It was like 20 degrees outside when I did mine and the carpet was like wrinkled as fuuuuuu....yea. Needless to say, I think a four year old could have done a better job than what I did.
I'll be ordering a new carpet and doing it over again whenever I get back from my next deployment, as for now, it's good enough.

Great write up, wish I would have used it.
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