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How To: Installing & Cleaning a BedRug

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A 355nation How To presented by

Project Name
How To Install & Clean BedRug

Project Description
Learn How To Install & Maintain your BedRug

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Colorado
Year: 2005
Engine: 3.5L
Power windows: Yes
Sun Roof: Yes
Bed Size: 5'1"

Tools Needed
Isopropyl Alcohol
Car wash supplies (Water, soap, sponge, towels)
Isopropyl Alcohol

Project Time
Install: Approximately 15 minutes
Cleaning: Approximately 1 hour

Project Cost
Approximately $380
  • BedRug-$380
  • AutoAnything has $25 rebates on the bed mats for some models.

Installation Procedure
  1. Wash and dry your truck’s bed and tailgate areas thoroughly

  2. Pre-assemble the BedRug truck bed liner’s 2 main pieces. Laying them out in the sun makes them easier to manipulate.

  3. Align the sides of the BedRug with the BedRug floor

  4. Once aligned, zip sides into place

  5. Pre-fit BedRug into truck bed

  6. Install Velcro fasteners to BedRug bottom and sides

  7. Position BedRug in the truck bed by aligning edges and tucking corners into place

  8. Pull the BedRug floor to you, exposing the fastener on the BedRug bottom.

  9. Clean painted attachment area thoroughly with denature alcohol and allow to dry

  10. Roll the BedRug floor and sidewalls back in place

  11. Firmly press the top surface for 15 seconds to ensure adhesive attachment

  12. Repeat for other side, bottom, and tailgate panel.

  13. Enjoy! (Keep in mind, I bought my Bedrug used)

Cleaning Procedure
  1. A vacuum, broom, brush or compressed air can be used to remove dirt, grime, sand, mulch etc. Due to the fact that water will not harm the BedRug, pressure washing is also an effective way to clean a heavily soiled BedRug.

  2. Although most acids will not harm the BedRug, baking soda should be applied immediately to neutralize the acid to ensure the safety of the paint on the truck.

  3. To clean tougher jobs such as gasoline, oil, chemicals, acid spills or leaks from your BedRug use detergent soap with degreaser and water, then rinse thoroughly. This detergent soap is used in most car wash locations with pressure washing equipment. The BedRug polypropylene closed-cell foam will not absorb water and the polypropylene fiber dries in minutes.

  • I ended up buying my BedRug used and had to clean before installing. The Velcro strips that come with the new rugs are most likely not re-usable so I had to run to HomeDepot and get 50ft of the “hook” Velcro adhesive strips in order to fasten the rug down correctly. You most likely will not need all 50ft depending on the size of the bed.

  • For those wanting an extra clean look, you can remove the annoying yellow warning sticker by cutting the stitches very carefully with an exacto knife.
    (I have not done this yet, photo couresy of Rshadd)

  • Use the following link to find a BedRug dealer near you.
    Find a BEDRUG Dealer

  • Here is a link from the BedRug website on how to install and maintain your BedRug.
    BedRug Bedliner Installation Instructions

Part Numbers:
2004-2012 - BedRug now only makes the Crewcab 5 ft. rug, GM Parts Direct makes the 6 ft. rug.
  • 5'1" BedRug - BRB04CCK
  • 6' GM Rug - 12499446

  • 5'2" BedRug - BRB15CCK
  • 6'2" BedRug - BRB15SBK


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Thanks for the GM part number for the 6' Bed Rug! I've been looking for one for a while, and didn't know it was available!

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