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A 355nation How To presented by

Project Name
How To lower your zq8 fender flares

Project Description
How to lower your zq8 fender flares about 5/8'' to reduce fender gap ----- inspired by the way the xtreme flares hang lower than the fender

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Colorado
Year: 2006
Engine: 2.8L
Power windows: No
Sun Roof: No

Tools Needed
  • 3M tape (30 ft) (took 2 rolls of 15'' X 1/2")

  • Heavy Duty Scott Towels

  • Rotary tool with the sandpaper tip.

  • Drill with 5/16'' drill bit.
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl)
  • Angle Grinder with Cutting Wheel
  • Masking Tape
  • Sharpie Pen
  • Touch up Paint
  • Xacto Knife

Project Time
4-6 hrs

Project Cost
20-30$ for the 3M tape and the tools if you dont have them

I finally decided to go ahead and complete this project that's been growing in my head since I realized that the xtreme truck's fender flares where an inch lower than all the other flares available for our trucks. This is how I lowered my zq8 fender flares as much as I could do reduce tire gap and make the truck look lower.

First, be informed that there might be discoloration, paint damage or other imperfections that where hidden under your flares that might become visible after you lower them. I installed my flares 6 month ago and there was allready some rubbing marks visible on the clear of my truck.


  1. Apply some masking tape around your fender flare to mark it's original position.

  2. Remove all the plastic retainers from the fender flares.

  3. Try pulling the flare off the truck. Then if they don't come off, you can carefully cut the tape with an Xacto blade or use some heat.

  4. Using an rotary tool with the sanding paper tip remove all the leftover tape from the flares.

  5. Clean the back of flares and carefully clean the tape area with the rubbing alcohol.

  6. Let dry, then reinstall new double sided tape on flare where the old tape was located.

  7. Clean the truck where the flare was then, with your finger, heat and rubbing alcohol rub off the old tape off of the truck and clean the area good.

  8. Now, using the tape that you've put you can position the flares about 5/8" lower than it's original position. I figured that 5/8" was the limit you could go down without starting to see the change in the body line.

  9. Using the holes that are at the bottom of the flares, mark where you'll have to drill with the sharpie, then take off the flare and drill a hole of 5/16" on each side of the flare.

  10. Put the plastic retainer in it's new position and fix the top of the flare with some masking tape so it does not fall down.

  11. Take a step back and apply a piece of masking tape where you want you flare to be cut at the bottom.

  12. Take off the flare and cut off the leftover with the grinder. Then, the edge from cutting with the grinder, could easily be cleaned up and made sharp looking by simply running a razor blade along the edge of it.

  13. Apply some touch up paint and let dry.

  14. Fix the flare in it's position with the two plastic retainers and remove the protective film from the 3M tape and press on the flare everywhere there's 3M tape. N.B. The flare is now holding only with the two retainers and the new 3M tape, the other plastic retainers will be left over.

:th_woot: You're done!! This mod lowered my fender gap by 5/8".



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Nice write up.. Just one question. Why does it look like your girl is doing most of the work..:D
Y'a she helped alpt clearing the old taper and to put the new one...i did all 4 flares That day so the help Wha really appreciated!!

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very nice!!

that work only because you have sideskirt on your truck

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Nice. I was starting to wonder how much lower the flares could be lowered.

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you could go i bit lower.. but then it's starts to look weird.... the lines of the truck start to look weirdo... imo
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